[Nitro] [PATCH] first attempt for *new* mongrel-adapter

Alexander Lazic al-nitrogen at none.at
Thu Aug 24 13:41:30 EDT 2006

On Don 24.08.2006 15:34, Fabian Buch wrote:
>I had a look at your Patch. Looks good so far and works nice on my

Cool thanks ;-)

>Two small issues I see:

>   - It seems to use the Logger of Mongrel, which looks different than
>     the Logger usually used in Nitro. Maybe this could be changed?

Sorry but i don't know *how* the logging in Nitro works, could anybody
help in this issue?!

>   - Is the method stop() even called? With Webrick I see a ..shutdown
>     when doing ctrl+c, with Mongrel I don't (both, old adapter and
>     yours). But maybe this is only a logging issue too.

I  think you should replace the this line:

trap('INT') { exit } # works until you use breakpoint... why?

with a stop call, but i haven't a chance in the next time to test it :-(

>I reworked your patch as Darcs patch, so it could be applied to the
>repo (attachment included to this mail), but before that maybe you
>could have a small look at the two tiny issues listed above and send in
>a new patch. If you don't mind installing darcs it'd be nice to have it
>as darcs patch, if not, don't worry, I can review and make a darcs
>patch of it.

Thanks for your work ;-)



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