[Nitro] Reap's rubytest script

Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Mon Aug 21 04:27:07 EDT 2006

Am 20.08.2006 um 23:09 schrieb TRANS:
> I doubt many people use it besides me (I use all the time). The
> 'rubytest' program which allows one to directly run tests that are
> commented in =begin test ... =end blocks in source. I've thought for
> awhile now that maybe that's not a good name. But I could never think
> of a better one. Today I thought that maybe 'test#' might be good
> since '#' seems to be an accepatable file name character on all
> platforms. What do others think? Any other suggestions? Or should I
> just stick to 'rubytest'.

Dunno, but 'test#' looks like a typo or like a C#. What's the # in  
test# standing for?

But I'm not a user of it, so am just curious.


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