[Nitro] Finally coming along...

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 16:55:24 EDT 2006

Hi All--

Boy, has this been a long and grueling development cycle. Getting
Taskable to work there at the end almost did me in. But everything is
finally starting to come together. And some signifficant
transformations have taken place.

1. A new version of Facets will be out in a day or so. This is mostly
the same as before, with the new Taskable module, which includes a new
lib called 'main_as_module.rb', plus a few additional methods added to
core. I suppose the next thing for Facets is to revist the new version
of annotation.rb again and make sure it's working for Nitro and adjust
it as you all see fit. Please, input on this is welcome.

2. Reap is looking better than ever. She's becoming a very strong
Rake-clone that actually runs considerably faster than Rake! There are
still some capabilities to add though, such as rules and perhaps
namespaces. Yet ironically, while I still plan to polish her off, I am
moving my main focus to a new build tool technology I developed these
past couple of weeks called Sake (as in the Japanese drink). One
consequence of this is that Reap will depend on Sake for it's built-in
tasks. So the initial release of Sake will be out (in a couple of
days) before the next version of Reap. More on Sake soon.

3. Lastly, I'm debating whether to get rid of Sow and just merge it's
capabilites into Rolls. I'm not 100% sure on this yet, but at the
moment that's the working assumption. They fit closely together b/c
"Sow" builds packages of any format and can layout a package to work
with Rolls automatically when it does so. On the downside I still want
the library ledger part of Rolls to be seen on it's own merits as a
simple independent light weight app (which it is) --not dependent on
any package manager. Guess I just have to stress the two aspect of
this are independent but interelated. Thoughts on this are welcome

Just a little bit longer and I'll finally have all these technologies
at essentially solid and stable releases!

Thanks for all you patience and help,

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