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Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Wed Aug 16 04:00:12 EDT 2006

Am 15.08.2006 um 08:14 schrieb Jonas Pfenniger:
> since np.org has a ticket system, can I remove the corresponding Trac
> on devlab ?

Even though the np.org ticket system doesn't seem to be full featured  
and fully working at the moment, G asked to make tickets there. In  
that case making them in Trac again would be redundant.

Maybe you should wait till G is back from his vacation? On the other  
hand I'm pretty sure he's for his new ticket system.

I, for one, aren't very happy with the current state of the np.org  
ticket system, but there's hope and probably no way around it.

Are there important open tickets on Trac that should be moved to  
np.org's ticket system before Trac deletion?


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