[Nitro] Change settings programmatically

gabriele renzi surrender_it at yahoo.it
Wed Aug 9 05:51:20 EDT 2006

TRANS ha scritto:

>>>>s.value= new value
>>>Why doesn;t this work?
>>>  owner.setting name.to_sym => new valuw
>>Because owner is_a String, not a Module.
> I see. Is owner a string representation of an actual module? Or is it
> possible that you want to "settize" a module prior to it's existance?

no, all the Modules exist, my solution is working nicely so nevermind, I 
don't think it is bad :)

Anyway, a take on the other question: If I recall correct you recently 
changed the implementation of annotations so that each one keeps track 
of its owner, and this may be the reason thay're no more serializable 
with a dummy to_yaml.
Are there any plans to provide this kind of functionality, or to accept 
a patch that could do it?
Or possibly I'm just horribly wrong?


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