[Nitro] gen and parts

Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Mon Aug 7 15:49:37 EDT 2006

Am 06.08.2006 um 16:52 schrieb gabriele renzi:
> for what is worth, I could replicate the patch against the new gen
> infrastructure, but I'm not sure I understand what is the use for  
> this:
> you just want to copy a part from some $LOAD_PATH into the main
> directory (plus proper public/ handling) ?

Yes, but the main reason is the public/ handling, since I want parts  
that also have images, custom css files and maybe (like James) custom  
JS files. It could be somehow piped or css in actions (like the admin  
part does), but that doesn't work nice for images. So at least the  
public/ directory of a part has to be copied to the applications  
public/ directory, to be visible by the webserver directly.

My patch does both, copy the whole part and it's public/ directory  
into the applications public/ directory.

I think that's also what George means by "The files that reside in  
the public directory are typically copied by a code generator to your  
application public dir." in the rdoc of part.rb, just that till now  
this generator wasn't implemented yet.


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