[Nitro] gen and parts

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Aug 7 07:08:11 EDT 2006


> If not I'm thinking of implementing it myself, since I want parts
> with a public/ dir and this would've to be copied into the main apps
> public/ dir.

Wouldn't it make more sense,  just to use a common path for parts?
I mean, parts aren't there to get modified (normally) by the standard  
user.  Using parts would just work like `require 'parts/CMS'`, so there is  
actually no real need to copy anything.
You're probably thinking of editability, but for lox I don't think this is  
needed.  When the user really wants to mess with parts, he really gotta  
know what he does, if not, he's screwed in anyway.

PS: Sorry everyone, Oxyliquit had some out time again, I better make some  
monitoring tool....

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