[Nitro] Tryng Facets 1.7

gabriele renzi surrender_it at yahoo.it
Sun Aug 6 10:02:49 EDT 2006

TRANS ha scritto:
> Hi. I'm finally back. Was an aweful trip. Anyway...
> Has anyone tried Facets 1.7 with Nitro/Og?

done it some time ago, with it repo.np.org fails one more test, and IIRC 
not even the minimal Proto application is working with it anymore.

Anyway, the error was this:

   4) Error:
NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
     repo/nitro/lib/nitro/cgi/request.rb:178:in `referer'
     repo/nitro/lib/nitro/render.rb:223:in `redirect_to_referer'
     (eval):15:in `list_action'
     repo/nitro/lib/nitro/publishable.rb:109:in `method_missing'
     ./test/nitro/tc_controller_aspect.rb:26:in `test_aspect'

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