[Nitro] Doc update for 0.31

Dimitri Aivaliotis aglarond at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 16:40:13 EDT 2006

On 8/4/06, Alexander Lazic <al-nitrogen at none.at> wrote:
> On Sam 05.08.2006 03:44, Michael Fellinger wrote:
> >well... actually these are discussable issues :)

So, let's discuss. :)

Well maybe but per default the sqlite3 is now default, what i have
> sugest is to drop a line into the INSTALL that the sqlite3 is now
> default and if you don't have it then how to change the OG-store ;-)

The default of sqlite3 has been a thorn in my side for a long time, now.  I
don't use it on any of my machines.  When I need SQL-capabilities, I go for
PostgreSQL, otherwise I use KirbyBase for persistance.

George - it would be nice to have the default store the "memory" store
because it has no outside dependency.  Yeah, nothing will be persisted after
a restart, but running tests without changing the default store won't cause
the tests to fail.  If the "filesystem" store were to be resurrected, that
would be even better.  So, do you think this would be possible for the
0.40.0 release?

- Dimitri
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