[Nitro] Doc update for 0.31

Alexander Lazic al-nitrogen at none.at
Fri Aug 4 15:44:18 EDT 2006

On Sam 05.08.2006 03:44, Michael Fellinger wrote:
>well... actually these are discussable issues :)
>george most likely has export RUBYOPT=-rubygems which gets rid of all
>requireing... i don't do that on any of my machines since i don't like
>all the magic rubygems does ;)
>require 'rubygems' would at least make sure everybody does that - and
>who has that exported won't suffer as well...

In http://www.nitroproject.org/rdoc/nitro/files/INSTALL.html is the
gem-way the first one and therfore i have thought that it would be nice
to add the require per default ;-)

But you are right it ist also a way to add the RUBYOPT=-rubygems into
the $SHELLrc file, well there are more then one way to solve this as in
some other languages also ;-)

>installing sqlite3 is another thing - this depends on the platform you
>are on. it's a lot different on windows/osx/bsd/linux and between the
>various distributions as well... so best would be to make it given that
>you have it installed or at least have a like to how to install it.

Well maybe but per default the sqlite3 is now default, what i have
sugest is to drop a line into the INSTALL that the sqlite3 is now
default and if you don't have it then how to change the OG-store ;-)

It was only a wish ;-))



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