[Nitro] nitro 0.31 && facets/more/consoleapp

Alexander Lazic al-nitrogen at none.at
Fri Aug 4 04:47:07 EDT 2006


On Fre 04.08.2006 17:26, Michael Fellinger wrote:
>On Friday 04 August 2006 17:02, Alexander Lazic wrote:
>> Why i have decide to make a ruby from source, because the debian ruby
>> don't have the 'mkmf' :-(
>you just have to install the headers for ruby - it's called ruby-dev in 
>apt-get or something...
>just do
>`apt-cache search ruby | grep dev`

Ah ok now i have it, but i would prefer the self compiled way because on
the prod-maschines i don't have root ;-)

>> After a call of
>> /home/al/progs/ruby/bin/nitro start
>> i get the follwing error:

>this is very easy to explain - and there's a patch out already but i
>guess the gems haven't been updated :|
>edit this file with root
>and change line 3:
>- require 'facets/more/consoleapp'
>+ require 'facets/more/command'
>ok, now that should fix the error.

Yep thanks for the quick answer ;-)

Now i get:

/home/al/progs/ruby/bin/nitro start
No application found!

and I can now start to learn && develop ruby-nitro-a_new_world ;-))

>also keep in mind that you can always use the good old `ruby run.rb` -
>which is almost exactly what the nitro-command does :)
>and `nitro start` is the same as `nitro` alone...

But will find nitro then the facet-x.x.x libs which was installed with gems?!

Sorry for the *naive* question but I have started with ruby some days
before ;-)

>thanks for the detailed information - it's always nice to have a
>detailed error-report :)

Hey thats the minimum if you want help ;-))

Regards && thanx for help ;-)))))


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