[Nitro] Reap's future

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Fri Apr 28 00:03:18 EDT 2006

TRANS wrote:

> First, and certainly the easiest of the two is to integrate Reap as
> essentially an extension to Rake. Basically one would have the
> ProjectInfo file with Reap's task meta-data AND a Rakefile. In the
> Rakefile one would simply do:
>   require 'reap'

I like this idea.

> ...
> Finally, I was thinking about Gen. Reap has the scaffold task which
> does a limited version of what Gen is intended to do. Then it occured
> to me that in a way most everything that Reap does can be thought of
> as a "Generator" --generate packages, announcement, test, rdoc, etc.
> Maybe there's room for Reap to merge with Gen?

I good, (more or less) general-purpose generator would be nice.  I would 
like to be able to assemble a collection of files common to my style of 
development and be able to either drop them in as project-specific tasks 
(or whatever), or store them in some central location where they would 
be available to all instances of Reap/Gen.

Thanks for the good work!

James Britt

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