[Nitro] Compiler::compile_action ...

Massimo Maria Ghisalberti nissl at tiscali.it
Wed Apr 26 13:06:34 EDT 2006

in a previous post I've made some investigation on this method for
parameters error in Ajax request...

sorry, but I don't understend why this line:

# Concatenate some extracted parameters.

in some testing with uri in this form:




this line is problematic. with the first I've this error:

wrong number of arguments (4 for 2)

because params already is ["xxx", "yyy"] and after the concat 
["xxx", "yyy", "xxx", "yyy"], only with the second uri is fine
(context.params.values is empty).

In which case this line is useful? 

Massimo Maria Ghisalberti <nissl at tiscali.it>

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