[Nitro] Bryan & dispatcher/router patch?

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Thu Apr 20 10:35:33 EDT 2006

Bryan Soto wrote:
> You had mentioned you ran into problems with the redirect which is why
> I omitted. Did I misunderstand?

Well, redirect change is needed for redirects to work at all (AFAIK). I 
think I included it with the patch I sent to the ML so I was wondering 
where it vanished to...

>>  >> Funny coincidence, but I was trying to handle your other issue
>>  >> "Controller resolution order" in the same repo. :)
>> Oh, cool, I thought that one dropped off into the void. Any progress on it?
> Yeah, actually. But I hate the implementation. :)
> If I get something nice, are you willing to help test?

Sure, though I don't have the codebase I was running into issues with 
this on anymore, I'd have to cook up a new test-app to see how things work.


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