[Nitro] Retrospective and future direction.

Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Thu Apr 20 06:48:45 EDT 2006


> As for the off the beaten path comment, what I mean is more literal: it
> is just hard to find the site.  It isn't linked off ruby forge; if I
> wasn't a member of the mailing list I wouldn't know about it.  Even
> googling nitro doesn't bring up a hit for it early in the list.  Once

It does :) It just depends on what you search ;D

* Nitro FAQ
* Nitro Q&A

both first place (kinda) :P

For being not searchable by using "Nitro"... even Nitro doesn't get a first
place there... which is even less good..

> the new site it up I imagine this will be a lot easier.  I think the
> oxyliquit site is great, very much needed.  The base concept is much
> clearer than the usual wiki dialogs that usually appear around OSS projects.

Yup, very nice concept, that's why I stole it ;D
(not really, I tried to not look at the original page at all, I was
hooked at the first glance at it)


Feel the love

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