[Nitro] Outstanding patches.

Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Sun Apr 16 05:43:17 EDT 2006


I'm using following patches successfully, although I have not fully
tested them yet thorougly.

> [Nitro] [PATCH][BUGFIX] og-joins_many-relation
> [Nitro] [PATCH] og-psql-refactoring
George said to leave that patch out for now, I think that's because
he is in the process of refactoring whole Og for himself (not sure
about that)

> [Nitro] [PATCH]: og-postgres-sti-fix
> [Nitro] [PATCH] og-postgres-join-tables

Haven't run into any problems with those patches.

Now, back to lab assignments...


Feel the love

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