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Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Sun Apr 9 13:36:10 EDT 2006


> Pointers aren't that bad. Just a different way of thinking.
> (Disclaimer: I'm a C programmer :)

Pointers are nice, in a perfect world ;)
But things stop working nice, when something totally unrelated can
break everything, just because I myself am not fully able to "feel
the flow" of the C++ program.

> Well, do it for Nitro then. There was talk a while back of speeding
> things up by rewriting portions in C. Might be an investment in
> Nitro's future. :)

This is a good idea, and I thought about the same thing when I saw
the Template compiling.

Horrible! I almost broke into tears ;/

if you change the template string in tc_template.rb to:

     template = %q{
       Hello #{user}

       dont forget the following ^ todo ^ items:

       <?r for item in items ?>
       <?r end ?>

       <?r out << "teasdfasdfasdft ?>" ?>
       <?r #puts "no way in hell" ?>
       #{"asdf \t...".to_s.squeeze("\s").gsub!(/<[^>]+?>/, '')}
       <include href=|asdf/asddd| /> now this .. <br />

There are at least 7 serious problems going on here, which all
originate from template.rb, and not all are easyly spotted.....

So, writing a real parser for the nhtml's (nitro xhtmls :P) would
be a very beneficial task... (the current ... hacks? are.. I can't
really describe it..)

This post is not intended to hurt any feelings or to bash George
for it. The current implementation works and is ok for now, but
some day, some things will have to be done :)
Maybe this will end in me writing something in C to address it,
but that'll be in another lightyear or two (I'm aware that light-
year is not used for time measurment ;))


Feel the love

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