[Nitro] Up Dev Proc

Aidan Rogers aidan at yoyo.org
Fri Apr 7 21:09:02 EDT 2006

Now to chip in with my "but I was thinking of doing this too!"  I  
even have a name ;-)

>> ;-). Although there also has to be room for independent
>> docs/books/tests.
> What do you mean by "independent" docs/books/tests?  Separate files?
> Unrelated URIs?

I think he means the ability to have doc, tests, etc. that are not  
directly related to source code files.

>> Hmm... I encourage you not do this --at least not at first. It  
>> will be
>> much easier and quicker to get running by using "off the shelf" tech
>> here. A good RCS is not a simple thing to write (as least in my
>> experience, I've flirted with coding one). Use Darcs preferably, but
>> use one of these for the time being and come back to implementing  
>> your
>> own RCS later on.
> Each RCS brings its own worldview with it.  Controlling revisions in
> CVS is different than in Arch, is different than in Darcs.  I'm trying
> a new approach here, with its own correspondingly new worldview. :)

Agreed - I'd advise using rscm which abstracts the whole concept of  
source control, much like odbc does for databases.

>> How about "bootstraping" the project. Start with the minimal
>> functionality to get a working system:
>>   - user reg/auth
>>   - code browser
>>   - "wiki" code editor
>>   - automated testing
>>   - revision control
>> Once these minimal requirements are in place, we can turn this very
>> project on itself, and pull it up by it's bootstraps!
> Just what I was planning. ;)

This sounds like something we should take off list.  Perhaps we could  
set up a separate list to talk about this?


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