[Nitro] Up Dev Proc

Dimitri Aivaliotis aglarond at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 06:11:26 EDT 2006

On 4/7/06, TRANS <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/7/06, Dimitri Aivaliotis <aglarond at gmail.com> wrote:

> Don;t you hate it when someone spouts out an idea you've been quietly
> working on? ;-)


> > I was inspired while working on my web-based SpaceMerchant
> > implementation, which is  still not done because of this...
> Hmm.... Care to collaborate?

Sure.  You'll have to wait on me, though.  I'm not at the point yet
where I have something workable.  As soon as *something* works, I'll
post to this list and ruby-talk.

> I'm curious. Is it an Open source project? How far along are you? What
> features are you working on? And, you said "something very similar",
> how is it different?

Where do I begin?  It is an Open Source project.  I'm not very far
along yet - my ideas, just a basic layout, and spec-ing out the
classes I'll need.  Features?  Basically a source-tracking community
application that can be used to keep track of itself and integrate
into the "hosted" project as well.  Hmm.. that's not too clear.  In
terms of REST, the following URIs will be accessible under the domain
where the app is located:

/docs -> api documentation
/book -> user manual
/code -> source code
/chat -> user forum
/news -> announcements, etc.
/auth -> authenticator

Each URI will understand GET, PUT, DELETE, etc. and act appropriately.
 To change the app, /code would be edited; checkins don't happen
unless all tests pass; AJAX highlights the failing sections.  The
source files are actually saved with rdoc and rubyweb comments to
facilitate Literate Programming; /docs, /book, and /code are just
different views of the same files.

It's different from Trac or Rubyforge or similar things in that it is
it's own RCS - not backed by CVS, SVN, Arch, Darcs, or anything else. 
I haven't worked all the details out yet, but strong cryptography and
time-based editing sessions play a role.

I'd be glad to discuss this more, but it may not be clear until I can
get a demo ready.  I'll see what I can get done this weekend - don't
expect too much, though.  It's a monumentous undertaking.  Maybe I'll
just have an introductory page up...

- Dimitri

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