[Nitro] How To Boost An Open-source Project? A Bunch of Personal Ideas

Olle Jonsson olle at olleolleolle.dk
Fri Apr 7 05:33:03 EDT 2006

On Apr 7, 2006, at 11:18 , TRANS wrote:
> Those are good ideas! You should lurk less ;-)
I might. I just need that #2 done for me first; I need to migrate to  
Nitro from MVC in PHP and Rails. But, I need a good example, kind of

App #1: "Sign up to receive an email when we launch our service"
	- take form input
	- validate its well-formedness
	- present a thank you page
  	- sprinkle on some AJAX, optionally

App #2: "The simplest CMS in the world"
	- CRUD for Pages
	- Textile for markup

App #2, pt II: "Simplest CMS: Categories and tagging"
	- Categories of Pages
	- Tagging a Page

I need to stuff like this to read/do to get my fingers dirty.

> In fact, mind if I post them to the list?
Don't mind at all. In fact, thanks for recognizing these things.
> One of the nice things about these too is that they're readily doable.
> We can work those into the wiki once it's fixed (I'm going to ge that
> fixed, asap damn it!), then splatter this, ruby-talk and some PHPey :)
> mailing lists with links to them.
Very doable. Yeah, much of getting "success" in Open Source is  
talking the right way to people.
> Wow. This line of inquery has already prooved more successful than I
> had expected.
That's good.
> Thanks,
> T.

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