[Nitro] STI a mistake in PostgreSQL?

Dimitri Aivaliotis aglarond at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 16:21:05 EDT 2006


Seeing all these errors pop-up w.r.t. patches and the PostgreSQL
store, I ask myself if STI is really appropriate for a PostgreSQL
database?  PostgreSQL is one of (the few | the only?) relational
database that I know of to actually support inheritance.  I've used
this in my legacy apps (which I've been meaning for a good long time
now, to convert over to Nitro/Og...) without a problem.  You can
create a Person table with certain attributes.  Then create a Customer
table, with additional attributes, inheriting the ones already defined
in Person.  You can then do a select over all Customers, filtering on
attributes defined in Person.

Anyone else have experience here?  Do you guys over at motionpath use
the inheritance feature of PostgreSQL?

Before I convert my legacy apps over, I'd like to see this kind of
support in Og.  And, yes, I know that patches are welcome. :)

- Dimitri

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