[Nitro] Postgres failures in Og test suite.

Bryan Soto bryan.a.soto at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 15:41:53 EDT 2006

On 4/6/06, Kashia Buch <kashia at vfemail.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> damn, I can't seem to be able to run the test-suite -_-

Exactly ;)

Seriously though, if you use the patches I've sent so far, the
taggable test is the only thing stopping it from running.

> sql = %{
>          SELECT *
>          FROM #{info[:owner_table]} AS o
>          WHERE o.oid IN (
>            SELECT j.#{info[:owner_key]}
>            FROM #{info[:target_table]} AS t
>            JOIN #{info[:table]} AS j
>            ON t.oid = j.#{info[:target_key]}
>            WHERE (t.name IN (#{names})
>          )
>          GROUP BY j.#{info[:owner_key]}
>        }
> Here you go, I think that should work, could you test it (testsuite
> or with a real project), I can't test it right now.

A subselect, huh... I wonder how portable that is. I guess if we can't
find something that works across all databases we'll have to make the
query used conditional based off the store type... Thanks for the
query. I'll see what I can do with it.

Could a postgres user try my patches out? I don't have any Og projects
in Postgres so I can't test them against an existing database. I just
want to make sure they don't hurt anything if I apply them to the
repo. I think I'm just fixing failing tests, but I can't verify that
I'm not breaking things for Postgres users.


"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they
will surprise you with their ingenuity." —General George S. Patton

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