[Nitro] gen - facet rubygems version hell

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:46:10 EDT 2006

> Well, sucky or not, the reality is that gems has the Ruby community mind
> share and is almost certain to become a core part of the distribution.
> The options are to use it (and try to improve it), or stick to the hell
> of install.rb, or create Yet Another Installer/Packager/Versioning System.

The problem is that Gems is causing additional hell. It is actually
forcing the use of Gems for things to work properly. Right now there
are conflicts between the manual installation of my wares and the Gem
installs, which further require that I additional code in my scripts
to correct. It also alienates other devleopers for using the reusable
parts of my software (shared data) b/c they get squirrel away in a
special repository. It also alienates OS specific packaging system
--which btw are design to offer a universal managment of ones system,
thus Gems reopens the wounds those systems are in many ways designed
to fix. And further more Gems ties incode Ruby library version
management to this particular distribution mechinism.


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