[Nitro] gen - facet rubygems version hell

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 23:09:41 EDT 2006

Nitro/Og depend on a specific verison of Facets for good reason, and
it has everything to do with stability. On installation Nitro 0.29
should install the correct version of Facets. If there are problems
you can get the right version manually:

  gem install facets -v 1.0.3

If you have the lastest version of Facets installed (1.2.1), I'm
guessing the problem arises b/c Nitro isn't activating the 1.0.3 gem
and instead just loads the version automatically selected by Gems
--which is alwasy the latest. To fix, try:

  require_gem 'facets', '= 1.0.3'

before requiring any part of Nitro --I suppose in run.rb.

I know it can be frustrating, but don't be to hard on Nitro or Facets
on this. Taking into account RubyGems while also trying to maintain a
proper manual distribution (Facets does, Nitro should) has driven me
bonkers more than a few times. Try dealing with datadir for instance
--a problem that's been talked about for two years without a solution.
I finally came up with a work around and suggested it on gems mailing
list --think I've heard a word about it yet? Not one. I ended up
having to create a Gem Facet!

I'll be honest with you I think Gems sucks. Which is why I created
Rolls. But Rolls still needs some tweaking, and unfortunately I'm not
sure when I'll be able to get to it. But also, Rolls is only half the
issue. It handles library management and versioning. But it still
needs a distribution/install mechinsim to go with it. I started a
project for that too, based on setup.rb, but now I'm finding cracks in
setup.rb and Minero is not reponding to my emails either! Frak, maybe
they just don't like me. I don't know. I don't care. The bottom line
is that Ruby's ditribution and lib management is for shit --despite
the glitzy hype.

IM(equally pissy)HO

P.S. Anyone feel like re-writing setup.rb? If you do I'll build a very
nifty distribution system around it. One that generates packages on
the fly geared to your partciular OS.


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