[Nitro] properties

Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Mon Apr 3 17:56:01 EDT 2006


> Ah.. another reason modified but backward compatible #attr methods are
> a safe bet.

I'm against that actually, since it enables me to just make a few
attributes persistant, while I just want accessors for others.

The options I see with attr, would be to redefine it ( attr :sym, String)
or add more stuff (attr :sym; ann ......), which I both don't like very

So I'm still for staying where we are :P


PS: BSoto:
I've read both your messages above about the "Self-join :trough =>"
issue, I just can't seem to answer somehow, I pushed it further down
the stack of "to do" items, I hope you can forgive me.

Feel the love

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