[Nitro] Newbie question

Aureliano Calvo aurelianocalvo at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Apr 2 11:02:49 EDT 2006

> If you mean something like, your classes get
> enchanted lazily when
> needed, that's kind of an interesting thought. You
> mean some kind of
> notification scheme? One problem I could see is it
> wouldn't work in
> context of multiple stores.

I believe that most of the projects have a single
store. So the simple case should be to have one store
only. I'm a OG newbie, so I really don't know the
specifics of how this can be implemented in OG, even
if it can be or not. 

But this schema might be posible:
 1. Clases are automatically enchanted with the latest
store set up (the latest datastore configured via
Og.setup) if they have to (i.e. have OG properties
declared on them).
 2. If there are no datastore, clases are enchanted on
the first OG.setup (just like right now).
 3. There is a mechanism to manually relate classes
with stores (to solve the tricky situations where
points 1. and 2. would not work).

Do you think them to be good ideas?

Thanks for your time,

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