[Nitro] Hiding a column from Og?

Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Sat Apr 1 05:56:52 EST 2006


> This isnt possible at the moment, but it would be trivial to add. But
> I too am curious why you need this feature ;-)
>> Kashia, could you explain a liitle on why you need this? Perhaps it
>> would help people get a feel for whether something like this should be
>> added.

For both:

I'm sure the current approach with :cautious set to 'true' is sufficient
for everything.

My usecase:

I want to use TSearch2 in PostgreSQL to make the search in Oxyliquit even
more effective.
TSearch2 requires an additional field in the table (of type vector) and I
don't want Og do mess with it :)

Searching _should_ be one of the big features in Oxy (as it grows bigger)
since the main pages are very limited with only 5-15 elements on it.

Maybe I can get around that issue by using extra tables for just that
column, but that seems kinda awkward to me. .... *think*

>> Or perhaps someone already has an idea on this? Or even an opinion on
>> whether this is a bug or a feature?

A feature, not a bug :)


Feel the love

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