[Nitro] Bounty: doap for Nitro

Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Sat Apr 1 05:47:54 EST 2006


just found the following in the ruby-talk ML.


That are 12! users which might have used Nitro if it wasn't so
uberly outdated ;)

So, even if that site probably isn't searched much, we could make
it a bit less outdated which could probably attract at least some
users, by committing a doap file there about Nitro.

So, what I'd like you to do: make a Nitro::Controller with doap
output, which I can then just plug into Oxyliquit.
Then I (or someone else) can publish that Information to codezoo.

Bounty pay: credits on Oxywtf "about" page for your work :) (If
thats ok ;))


[1] http://ruby.codezoo.com/about/doap_over_atom.csp
[2] http://usefulinc.com/doap/

Thank you very much for listening,


Snip, doap explanation from codezoo

CodeZoo spiders many sites to try to keep up to date on new releases
and information about the components we list. Unfortunately, many sites
use different formats to describe their projects, and those formats
change over time; and sometimes the site from which we get information
is not up to date itself. As a result, we don't always have the latest
information, and we want it!

To address this, CodeZoo has adopted an XML format called DOAP, which
stands for “Description of a Project.” This format was started by Edd
Dumbill, and more information about it can be found at
http://usefulinc.com/doap/. Using this format, component authors can
describe their projects in a machine-readable format that the CodeZoo
crawler can easily understand.

A DOAP file describes a single release of a component. In order to
track new releases as they come out, with Edd's advice, we've developed
a DOAP-over-Atom format that provides a DOAP feed of releases.
Information about the DOAP-over-Atom format is available here. Our hope
is that component authors (and others) will adopt DOAP-over-Atom, so
that all sites that list components can easily keep up to date on new
releases of components, as well as component descriptions, authors,
licenses, and other information.

If you would like to make sure CodeZoo (and other sites) have the
latest information about your work, please publish a DOAP-over-Atom
feed, and enter the URL for your feed below. Thanks, and thanks for all
of your work contributing to open source.

Feel the love

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