[Nitro] Nitro/Apache2/Debian anyone?

Michael Fellinger manveru at valaraan.de
Fri Sep 30 07:59:56 EDT 2005

hi george,

i need this release ASAP ;)
and i saw you plan to implement acgi and fcgi-fixes too (fcgi-adapter 
has this nasty problem with request atm)
when is the release of 0.24.0 planned? i really really really waited for 
that (btw, did you think about the inheritance-problem in og?)

well, i really wait for the release and hope it will be there soon... i 
wish there was some bleeding edge though.. ^^

i suppose that was it, just wanted to say that i like the idea of scgi 
and acgi, and look forward to work with fcgi finally...

thx george

so long...

George Moschovitis wrote:

>I have implemented a SCGI adapter for nitro. have a look here for
>details about pure ruby scgi:  www.zedshaw.com
>this offers good performance and is EXTREMELY easy to setup. Will be
>available in 0.24.0
>On 9/30/05, Emmanuel Piperakis <epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr> wrote:
>>Is anybody running on this configuration?
>>Any ideas how to make it work? FastCGI is a bitch!?GR&#$"#"#$
>>Emmanouil Piperakis (epiperak at cs.ntua.gr)
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