[Nitro] nitrogen / nitro: uninitialized constant

Tim Koenig tim.koenig at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 06:28:01 EDT 2005


I've tried to install Nitro and have been running into problems almost
immediately :-|. Since everybody else seems to have no problem running
it, it's almost certainly a problem on my part - I'm out of guesses
now, though :-(.

This is what I get after invoking 'nitrogen':
`append_features': uninitialized constant
Og::EntityMixin::RelationMacros (NameError)
        from /home/tim/soft/ruby/gems/gems/og-0.23.0/lib/og/entity.rb:224

The same behaviour appears when using three different
ruby-installations (1.8.3 on Debian/Sid, 1.8.2 on Debian/Sarge, 1.8.2
on Win32). I'm using locally installed gems (in my home directory,
other gems work flawlessly, and the One-Click Ruby installer's version
on Win32).

Any guesses? Is this a FAQ (couldn't find anyone mentioning it on the
mailing list, though)?


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