[Nitro] Setting-up nitro+lighttpd+fcgi at textdrive

Guillaume Pierronnet guillaume.pierronnet at laposte.net
Mon Sep 26 06:27:17 EDT 2005

>> 3) Setup your mysql database
>> Create a database the name you want, like username_rdog
> Typically, this is not necessary, Og will create the database for you ;-)
>> Use the example_mysql.sql database file in the apps/rdog folder to fill
>> your database
> I prefer to fill my databases using ruby code and Og.
>> 6) Restart lighttpd
>> 7) Mail to nitro-general at rubyforge.org ;)
> Btw, I am trying to refactor/improve tha adapter system in Nitro, and
> try to support scgi and/or acgi. Stay tuned for this.
> regards,
> George.
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> http://www.nitrohq.com
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maybe you can take advantage of the adapter system's refactoring to make
clean support of streaming.

BTW, this work out of the box with Webrick adapter by assigning an IO
object to @context.out, but this behaviour is not uniform across
differents adapters. Nevertheless, this seams trivial to implement.

When nitrohq.com wiki will be back, i'll wrote a page on streaming support
in nitro.


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