[Nitro] Setting-up nitro+lighttpd+fcgi at textdrive

zimba zimba.tm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 13:59:12 EDT 2005


I'm having hard times installing rdog at TextDrive. I managed to make it 
work half the way, but some pages are still not working.

If you want to take a look, the current url is http://rdog.oree.ch:8080/

Here are the different steps I've been trough for the next persons :

1) Use your own ruby gems
TextDrive has not all the gems installed, plus they are not updated.
Here is how you do :
 > ssh your_host
 > mkdir -p lib/ruby
 > gem install your_package -i lib/ruby

Here is the list of packages I have installed :

2) Get rdog
Still sshed at your host,
 > mkdir apps
 > svn co http://rdog.lly.org/rdog-svn apps/rdog

3) Setup your mysql database
Create a database the name you want, like username_rdog
Use the example_mysql.sql database file in the apps/rdog folder to fill 
your database

4) Configure run.rb
Still sshed at your host,
 > nano apps/rdog/run.rb
a) Look for the two "Gem.path.push ..." lines and change it to :
Gem.path.unshift '/home/your_user/lib/ruby'

I found out that you have to use 'unshift' instead of 'push' to avoid 
that older textdrive gems gets loaded

b) Look for the Og.setup ( ) section, and put your database config

c) Eventually, you could also change the wiki password by looking at the 
"Wiki.password = 'lassmichrein'" line

5) Configure lighttpd
This is the section I'm not sure about it. You should have configured a 
prior lighttpd that is used in a vhost mode.
Here is my vhost section :
=== SNIP ===
$HTTP["host"] =~ "rdog.oree.ch" {
  fastcgi.server = (
    ".rb" => (
      "localhost" => (
        "min-procs" => 1,
        "max-procs" => 2,
        "socket" => "/home/zimba/var/tmp/rdog.oree.ch.socket",
        "bin-path" => "/home/zimba/apps/rdog/public/fcgi.rb",
        "bin-environment" => ( "RAILS_ENV" => "production" )
   server.error-handler-500 = "/cgi.rb"
   server.error-handler-404 = "/cgi.rb"
   server.dir-listing = "disable"
   server.indexfiles = ( "cgi.rb", "fcgi.rb" )
=== SNIP ===

The rest of the file is put as an attachment

Notes : I'm not sure how it works exactly, but I've tried to inspire 
myself from the different rails howtos
If my unserstanding is right, fcgi.rb is set, by "bin-path", as an fcgi 
handler. It means, all the .rb files will be redirected trough it.
Then, we set the error-handler-404 to fcgi.rb, so that it gets executed 
by itself. That way, fcgi can handle the dispatch.

I find it a little confusing to use this method, to use fcgi.rb to call 
itself. In the fact, it doesn't work, but if I use cgi.rb as the error 
handler it works better.

The problem is, when the url points to an existing file, then the 
preceding mechanism is not used anymore. This is why, if you look in the 
doc/ section, all the yaml files are shown instead of being nicely 
parsed (i think)

6) Restart lighttpd
7) Mail to nitro-general at rubyforge.org ;)

... zimba
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