[Nitro] Writing a XUL app

Chris Farmiloe chris.farmiloe at farmiloe.com
Sun Sep 25 09:45:13 EDT 2005

although I'm not sure what your doing with the xul stuff I assume
it's all just XML output so just set up a controller like

XULController < Nitro::Controller
   def some_control
     response.content_type = "application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml"
     build do
         vbox(:flex => "3") {
           label(:class => "header")

   def another_control
     response.content_type = "application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml"
     @out << %|  <vbox flex="3"><label class="header" /></vbox> |

(both would do the same)

if you wanted to be more MVC and/or had alot of business logic
to do then you should probly split it up using templates.

On Sep 25, 2005, at 14:09, zimba wrote:

> Hello,
> Is it possible to write XUL apps with nitro ?
> I guess yes, but I'd like to keep it simple and have something like  
> the
> SimpleController that understands .xul files instead of .xhtml ones.
> Also the controller have to send the HTTP header :
> Content-type: application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml
> I wish I could do this myself, but the wiki is gone. I hope I can
> contribute in the future.
> Cheers,
> ... zimba
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