[Nitro] How best to submit patches

Tim Larson tim at keow.org
Fri Sep 23 09:05:27 EDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 01:59:19PM +0100, Tim Larson wrote:
> I also wrote such a fill function and did not get a chance
> to send it in yet...would you mind sending the patches to
> the list so we can all seem them, without the week delay
> waiting for a formal release? :)

For balance, here is my fill method.  I just converted it
from a method in the form.rb mixin that generates forms,
and it only handles the passed object, not any relations.

  def fill(obj, options = {})
    for p in obj.class.properties
      next if :oid == p.symbol unless options[:all]
      ancestors = p.klass.ancestors
      if ancestors.include?(Numeric)
        unless p.meta[:relation]
          obj.send("__force_#{p.symbol}", request["#{p.symbol}"])
      elsif ancestors.include?(String)
        obj.send("__force_#{p.symbol}", request["#{p.symbol}"])
      elsif ancestors.include?(TrueClass)
        puts '==== TrueClass ===='
        puts request["#{p.symbol}"]
        puts '========'
        obj.send("#{p.symbol}=", request["#{p.symbol}"] ? true : false)
      elsif ancestors.include?(Time)
        obj.send("__force_#{p.symbol}", request["#{p.symbol}"])

--Tim Larson

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