[Nitro] How best to submit patches

Chris Farmiloe chris.farmiloe at farmiloe.com
Thu Sep 22 13:46:41 EDT 2005

Hi ya... this is mainly aimed at george I guess:

What is the best way to submit patches to you?

Are you happy looking over subversion/diff files?

[myself and colleague] have made a few changes and
it would be a shame to just lose these in the next release.

of course we don't know what other people are working on
so reinventing the wheel is a possibility.

we have rewritten the fill function to allow better useage of the
__force_hash function and also stopped just throwing all request
parameters at the __force_ functions, it now only looks for
request parameters relevant to the obj getting filled.

checkboxes / TrueClass property now works with scaffold
and fill

Blob (files) have a place in scaffold and are handled correctly
(multipart forms are added automatically if a Blob is in use)

my colleague has added scaffold support for most (maybe all)
of the relations and made some workarounds for some bugs in Og
he also has fixed the @params array to work correctly for multipart

Thanx  -  lemme know if you'd like to take a look at it.


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