[Nitro] [ANN] RDOG

Michael Fellinger manveru at valaraan.de
Thu Sep 15 10:38:38 EDT 2005

That's no bad idea :)
thanks for the suggestion... will think about it. but there are some 
things i worry about:
the javascript for the showing/hiding - it's no masterpiece yet, but it 
works well for non-javascript too. But, imagine you have javascript 
turned off, in this version you will have a VERY long list of all the 
classes in core, stdlib, og, nitro, glue and whatever we might add in 
the future..
now, having all the methods in there as well seems like an overkill for 
me, i would stay no 3 seconds on that page, not to mention that it will 
have to transfer all the data as well.

please don't get me wrong, i like your idea and it would be great, but 
we need a better way to display the categories as well, otherwise this 
will end up in endless scrolling...
btw - i don't like how it looks now, but it was one of the most intuitve 
ways to fetch the data. (and what will we do with the space on the right?)

so long...

TRANS wrote:

>Hey, it's starting to look real nice. Good work!
>I have one suggestion. How about a colapsable tree for class/methods:
>  class1
>     method1
>     method2
>  class2
>     ...
>Instead of having the method list off to the right.

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