[Nitro] getting dynamic in the skin

Michael Fellinger manveru at valaraan.de
Fri Sep 9 19:59:36 EDT 2005

hey list...

i've got yet another little but annoying problem...
i try to get a little bit more dynamic in the skin.rb and want to get 
other templates to get included (using the <render>-tag)
after playing around a bit, following example-use of a 
controller-variable that was something like (\#{@context}) i got to the 

\#{if @context.headers["REQUEST_URI"] == 'doc/' : "<render 
href='doc/list_classes'/>" end}

so, i put this into the skin... but i cannot follow the way it goes exactly:
i get output on the webpage wich looks like this:

^; render '/doc/list_classes' ; @out << %^

my first thought was "huh?" and i still have no idea what this could mean...
digging around a bit turned out that @out is the instance-variable wich follows the @header, but that told me nothing i haven't known before...
maybe someone else has solved this? creating dynamic menus in the skin out of other templates can't be that hard...

thank you in advance

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