[Nitro] One simple question...

Emmanuel Piperakis epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr
Thu Sep 8 01:54:47 EDT 2005

I have a template opening up a popup with a form inside. When I submit the 
form I would like first the controller function to be called (in order to 
save the newly entered data) then the popup to close, and then the parent 
page displayed with the refreshed data.

So far I managed to have the Submit performed (without a refresh of the 
parent page) and then with the following link, the popup closes and the 
parent page is refreshed.

   <a href="#" onClick="window.opener.location.reload();self.close();return 

Is there a way to combine the two?

Ps. If I put the javascript in the onSubmit of the form element, the 
form does not call the controller function.

Thank you in advace

Emmanouil Piperakis (epiperak at cs.ntua.gr)
{To explore is Human, to Create is Devine,
  To teach is Primal, to Rule is Sin}

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