[Nitro] Validation errors and redisplaying form field data....

Walter Walter at mwsewall.com
Wed Sep 7 09:55:11 EDT 2005

Hi Everyone.

What is the recommend way to redisplay a page, show the error info, but also have the previous user data show up as well.

Take a simple example.  I have a form on the index page which has 2 text fields that correlate to 2 non Og related model fields.

Currently the form post to the "result" action.  It then gets validated.  If there is a validation error I store that in the flash and then issue a redirect_to_referer.  Now it appears to be a true redirect which means the request params are empty, so I do not have the original post data.  What is the pattern that everyone is using here?  Do I need to store the params in a session and then manually pull them back out?  Are there helpers that do this already?

I just feel like I am doing work that is probably already done by Nitro and I am missing a couple of fundamental points.

Thanks for any feedback,


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