[Nitro] Elements killing <textarea></textarea>

Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Wed Sep 7 09:42:02 EDT 2005


A blank text area as usually used in an entry_form or comment_form like 
<textarea></textarea>, without content (I don't even want a blankspace 
to be there) is squeezed together to <textarea /> by the transform 
method in element.rb in lines 165 and 166.

Each time I update to a new version of Nitro I comment these two lines 
out, which fixes this problem, so I thought I report about it, maybe 
there's a better solution.

<textarea /> is wrong and isn't working at least in Firefox.

George's solution (I guess) in Flare is for example like this: 
<textarea>#{}</textarea>, which I consider more as a hack than a 
solution since I think the so called Web Engine should do it right, not 
the individual webapps.

For everyone having the same problem: commenting out 165 and 166 in 
elements.rb has no real negative side-effects.

Fabian Buch

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