[Nitro] nobody there?

Emmanuel Piperakis epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr
Wed Sep 7 06:22:38 EDT 2005

> Nah, I think the only annoying person in this thread was me for jumping
> on you too quickly. Lack of sleep plus lack of caffeine is a dangerous
> combination when it comes to my social skills... ;)
The worst thing is that a huge tyfoo is passing close to Tokyo and the 
winds are really strong. As a result of the cheap architectural design of 
the building I am working in, the 8th floor feels like I am in a boat. The 
building actually SHAKES!!! I am constantly feeling sick for 8 hours and 
trying to debug!!!

Emmanouil Piperakis (epiperak at cs.ntua.gr)
{To explore is Human, to Create is Devine,
  To teach is Primal, to Rule is Sin}

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