[Nitro] xhtml builder in model?

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Tue Sep 6 20:07:32 EDT 2005

TRANS wrote:

> Crap. Don't listen to that drival. While the idea has merit up to a
> limited scale it quickly turns into hell fire. And poos on SOC. Are
> you really going to teach each object how to display itself in PDF,
> XML, RDF, ASCII-Art, as infinitum. I don't think so. 

No, I thin the idea is to be able to do something like this:

my_model.render( pdf_writer )
my_model.render( wml_writer )

where all *_writer objects expose a known API; my_model need only know 
about that single API, passing data to the writer object.  The writer 
need not know the data details of my_model.

> Your going to
> convert it to ONE common format, say some nice YAML, and then write
> Renders for that --is dumping YAML considered accessing public data?
> Now for a _main_ intereface, say a GUI, sure that's reasonable, but if
> you really want to get high class you'd use AOP to "weave" the
> Rendering into the object, thus maintining SOC at the same time.

Except I think that leads to coupling between the model's YAML and the 
rendering code.

> As usual balance is key. I'd be wary of anyone who makes ultimatiums
> like: "If the system doesn't follow these rules, it isn't
> object-oriented. It's that simple."

Well, such statements may be designed more to provoke discussion than to 
actually assert something as fact.  "Hype is the new black", and all 
that.    But I believe he is essentially correct.

>>So, does this suggest that if I want to render, say, an Account object
>>in a Web page, I should do something like this:
>><%= account.render( xhtml_form_builder ) %>
>>where xhtml_form_builder is some object that an Account instance knows
>>how to manipulate without needing to know the specifics of the rendering
> Feasible. Is it really much different then an elaborate:
>   out = my_form_str % account.data_for_my_form_str

Depends.  Who is asking whom for what?  In which direction do (most of) 
the dependencies go?


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