[Nitro] RDOG 0.2 (or something like that)

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Tue Sep 6 15:29:29 EDT 2005

You've asked me this about 3 times now George, I'll paste my testcase 
AGAIN, maybe this time you'll keep it somewhere handy :). I just want to 
have Classes and Methods both able to store Method objects...



require 'rubygems'
require_gem 'og'

#turn on debugging
$DBG = true

class Doc
     property :name, String

     def initialize(name)
         @name = name

class DocModule < Doc
     has_many :functions, DocMethod #contains many methods

class DocClass < DocModule
     many_to_many :modules, DocModule #may have many modules, and those 
modules may be in other classes

class DocMethod < Doc
     belongs_to :parent, DocModule #belong to a DocModule as DocClass is 
a subclass of DocModule

db = Og.setup(
       :store => 'mysql',
       :name => 'test',
       :user => 'bleh',
       :password => 'something'

testclass = DocClass.new('Testd')
testmethod = DocMethod.new('test')
testmodule = DocModule.new('module')

testmethod.parent = testclass

#save the objects


#this works
testmethod.parent = testclass

#but reports no parents...
puts testmethod.parent

#this causes a crash

#this causes a crash
#puts testclass.functions


George Moschovitis wrote:
>>(og still doesn't seem to want to play nice with inherited classes),
> what is the problem exactly?
> -g.

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