[Nitro] @template_root not set for secondary controllers

Peter Abrahamsen rainhead at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 02:35:16 EDT 2005


The answer to this is that compiler.rb doesn't instantiate the  
controller class before calling template_root. Class attributes are  
private, so you have to write a class method. The following code made  
my controller work:

def PlayerController.template_root

In tracking this down, it looks like Nitro guesses the location of  
the template based on the path name. I thought I'd be able to put my  
code in template/players, but for some reason this didn't work. I  
haven't looked into it any more now that I have something that works.

As you say, this system could use some improvement. You know what'd  
be appropriate better than I, but an automatic template_root()  
inserted by compiler.rb and usable like action, pre, post, etc, is  
obvious. But perhaps it would be most correct to have it typically  
set from run.rb?

Cheers, P

On Sep 5, 2005, at 12:42 AM, George Moschovitis wrote:

> You have to use
> @template_root instead of @@template_root.
> This should work, dunno why it doesnt work for you (perhaps an
> accessor method for @template_root is not defined?)
> In any case, the template_root setting needs some improvement,
> @template_root = ... is not as elegant as it should be.
> regards,
> George.

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