[Nitro] getting spark to hightlight syntax...

manveru ulmo at valaraan.de
Tue Sep 6 00:47:58 EDT 2005

hi list...

now, after freeing my mind a bit and drinking some coffee - the world 
has cleared up :)
the problem was in the template/view.xhtml
i have replaced


body = @page.body.dup
body = RedCloth.new(body.dup).to_html
body.gsub!(/\{\{(.*?)\}\}/, '<a href="/view/\1">\1</a>') 
body.gsub!(/href="(.*?)"/) { $&.gsub(/ /, '_') }
body = body.gsub(/(\[code\])(.*?)(\[\/code\])/m) { |c|
    puts c.inspect
    c.gsub!('[code]', '')
    c.gsub!('[/code]', '')
    c = CodeRay.scan(c, 'ruby').encode(:html, :bold_every => 10, :wrap 
=> :div)

and it works perfect for me...
and i stripped the entry in the run.rb down to
Markup.setup_markup_transform do |text|
i assume it checks that all closing-tags are set and like, but haven't 
checked that yet.

now i've got ruby-code-highlighting in rdog and a simple hack for 
everyone who wants his spark doing that! :)

hope i didn't waste your time, but all the 
has eaten up my mind for a while...

one last question: what does #|somevar| exactly do? it reminds me of 
#{somevar} but seems to have some connection to Markup...

PS: one can find coderay at http://rd.cycnus.de/coderay/

so long...

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