[Nitro] Og - mysql.sock

manveru ulmo at valaraan.de
Sun Sep 4 17:36:41 EDT 2005

hi list,

i was trying to get mysql running today on a debian-testing box, and i 
noticed they are doing odd things to mysql...
but what me annoyed most, was that they have the mysql.sock not like 
everyone else in '/tmp/mysql.sock' - nah... - they had to put it in 
well, i guess that someone else may stumble upon that too, and i just 
wanted to provide that information.

ysabel, i have altered the Og.setup for mysql to

  #~ :destroy  => true,
  :store    => :mysql,
  :name     => 'spark',
  :user     => 'root',
  :password => 'mine :)',
  #~ :port     => 3306,
  :socket   => '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'

and changed the '/lib/og/store/mysql.rb':117
 @conn = Mysql.connect(
    options[:address] || 'localhost',

i had to provide a option for the port before the socket too because the 
real_connect expects it and i don't want to mix up with your defaults, 
but none of the options is a must-have of course...

hope that helps somebody, and maybe this could be added in a future 
i'll write a little help-text for the Og.setup later too, because it 
doesn't helped me much as it is - just some describing of how to use 
wich database and known bugs...

so long...

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