[Nitro] RDOG 0.2 (or something like that)

Andrew Thompson vagabond at cataclysm-software.net
Sat Sep 3 09:02:46 EDT 2005

Michael Kohl wrote:
> It would be cool if you can try this out, because I think it would be
> pretty cool if the Nitro API docs are hosted by Nitro itself. :)
> And I really think that RDOG will be the best solution for code-level
> documentation of Nitro, which has two benefits: We have a cool system
> that is a nice mix of static informatin plus the dynamic content a Wiki
> provides. Additionally lots (hopefully ;) of people will use your
> project, which may help to elimate bugs faster.
> Cheers,
> Michael

We're certainly planning on integrating the wiki better, I'm thinking 
the static info at the top, the source code, and then the wiki entry so 
people can fill in the blanks and clarify things, heck we could even use 
the wiki data (filtered and edited) to improve the in-code documentation 
via submitting patches.

One of the problems relating to releasing the source is that its not 
possible to generate the data for rdog without a modified rdoc. To get 
the data I wanted I've had to hack in things like C constant parsing, 
file seperation (so I can tell what function for a class/module was 
defined in what file) and some other minor stuff. My patches probably 
break current rdoc generators, so I doubt I'll be able to submit them 
(well the C constants one, and the C source code line detection might 
make it in). I'll probably have to figure out some tricks to override 
the rdoc functions I've changed or something so I don't have to 
distribute an entire rdoc install.

Another issue is we're still storing info in YAML (og still doesn't seem 
  to want to play nice with inherited classes), so there's a big chunk 
of data we'll need to bundle with the src.

If manveru doesn't turn up soon I'll roll a tarball myself and host it 
for you guys, I can host files no problem, its just we need a proper 
nitro/og enabled host to run rdog on.

Also, any devs interested in helping, we have a private svn repo. I'd 
open it to the public, but technically my ISP says no servers of any 
kind, and I don't want them to catch on :). Contact me or manveru if 
you'd like to help out.

Andrew - The *other* RDOG hacker

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