[Nitro] RDOG 0.2 (or something like that)

manveru ulmo at valaraan.de
Fri Sep 2 19:04:53 EDT 2005

I'm happy i can announce the release of the new RDOG

we've just finished the alpha of the new version - you can find it in 
the same place...
i want to thank especially Vagabond for making this possible and 
protecting me from the bare evilness of rdoc ;)

now we've got the why-wiki on the page as i'm not yet sure (and haven't 
tried out) if spark will behave like we want it to do...
notice the little link to the wiki on the top :) maybe we find other 
solutions, but this should do for the moment

i'm glad for everyone who points out bugs etc... hope you have fun with 
it :)

>> you can see an early version at
>> http://brutalrepublic.com:4567/doc
> I'm a bit overwhelmed by the redness, but otherwise this is quite 
> nice.  More stuff to pilfer for ruby-doc.org!
> BTW, I see you refer to it as RDOG up top.  Have you considered "Red 
> Dog"  as a project name?

well, the redness is because of my lack of talent to design something 
properly :)

in fact, we are searching still for a new name for the project... RDOG 
is somehow misleading but points out the fact of a ruby-documentation 
with og (wich is not yet true... due to some bugs with og)

>> have rewritten it since the release of 0.23, but it should give you 
>> the taste (it's without the wiki, sorry - have to update the server 
>> sometime soon)
>> i would be thankful for any kind of contribution, suggestions and so 
>> on... :)
> I'll see what I can do to help out.
> James 

so long...

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