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manveru ulmo at valaraan.de
Fri Sep 2 13:35:10 EDT 2005

James Britt wrote:

> Robert Wagner wrote:
>> hi,
>> 2005/9/2, Michael Kohl <citizen428 at gentoo.org>:
>>> 4. Define which format to use. Wikis are undoubtedly nice, but we
>>> should at lest consider alternatives. E.g. Gentoo's documenation is
>>> written in GuideXML (http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/xml-guide.xml), which
>>> then gets converted to HTML via xslt. That's pretty neat, as it allows
>>> us to generate different output from the same source easily. This may
>>> or may not be intersting for Nitro, but at least we should discuss it.
>> i like the gentoo doc stuff. when i was in the mood of documenting my
>> lib long time ago :) i imitated the looks and added
>> *direct-running-examples* and i like it still.
>> http://www.xorc.org/xorcdoc/form_1.php
> Is anyone actually suggesting people write docs in XML?
> Is there a problem with simply starting off with, say, textile or 
> markdown, in simple flat-files?
> If writing docs is any harder than absolutely necessary it won't get 
> done.  Goal number one: get accurate content.
> A wiki, with user authentication, seems snake simple.
> Or perhaps this (I haven't tried it yet myself)
> http://www.writely.com/
> or something like it.
> James Britt
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in fact me and Vagabond are working on a documentation-system for ruby - 
it's based on a modification of rdoc wich generates yamls...
the whole thing is based upon nitro (very simple at the moment)
i was planning to combine the power of a wiki to the documentation 
provided by the code by a simple link to the corresponding article in 
the wiki :)
now that i have got both the wiki and the documentation built, you may 
want to have a look at it
but i haven't implemented anything for the auth yet as i'm waiting for 
ysabels nitro-auth

and also i'm looking for people who are willing to contribute to the 
project - it should be useable for that purpose as well as for the 
core/stdlib-documentation of ruby

you can see an early version at

have rewritten it since the release of 0.23, but it should give you the 
taste (it's without the wiki, sorry - have to update the server sometime 

i would be thankful for any kind of contribution, suggestions and so 
on... :)
hope you like my idea

so long...

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