[Nitro] Suggestions about the Wiki

zimba-tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 17:55:17 EST 2005


follows some suggestions about the main page, which I cannot change.

First of all, there is a list of visual elements followed by some
text. They corresponds to Download, Documentation, Development and
Community I would say. Then, under those elements, you have various

I think it would be better to put those elements in appropriate pages,
like Documentation, and use that space to put activity news. As those
sections retake the idea of above.

In the documentations part, it's written : "browse RDoc dcoumentation"

And what does those keys represent ? :-p

It's hard to explain like that, but I think the page is not really
clear. The visual indicators (box, lego, bug and keys) are not really
suggesting the content on their right.



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